Ola Air Pro 2021| Specification | Review | Range | Sensors
Ola Air Pro

Ola Air Pro 2021| Specification | Review | Range | Sensors

Ola Air Pro

It is a completely autonomous mover which will move us from our source to our destination. Ola offers you the Ola Air Pro which is completely autonomous fully electric and comes with UNLIMITED RANGE yes you read it write its unlimited range. Now let’s talk more in detail in some points

First of all, its an offering from Ola named as Ola Air Pro and it is a flying, fully electric and complete autonomous car.


The one thing which is worth noticing is the design of the vehicle which is unmatched with any other car it the industry. It seems to be like any spaceship in the first impression from front and back as well.

Front Design

It has some extended part in the rear and front profile where the wheels are installed and the extended part is attached to a main body which is made up of glass roof, A nostril like vent on the front makes it Allien inspired design according to me.

Front Profile of Ola Air Pro

Rear Design

On the rear it looks very interesting as the brake lights are on the extended part and rest of the body ends up like a tail of the car and is uplifted a lot.

Rear Profile of Air Pro


It will be powered by a Self-charging battery and the technology is named as Puracell battery technology- its specialty is that it does not need to be charged unlike the other in the industry. the battery is made up of Ethereum- ion cell based Puracell technology unlike the others which is made up of Lithium-ion battery in the industry. It uses its own spent energy to recharge itself and hence no charging bricks, blocks or docs are required hence is not included in the Ola Air Pro

Top speed that can be attained by this car is 330 kmph in Air and 200 kmph on the roads makes it a very quick Transporting Machine.

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Materials Used in the Body

As per Ola it is made with the amalgamation of Titanium, Carbon Fiber and tin which is sourced from Fighter Jets, F1 Cars and Soft Drink Tin cans also makes it a sustainable product. Ola Air Pro is bio molded on avian osseous structure for extra-lightness, drag reduction and supreme take-off speed.  

ola Flying Car

Cabin Quietness

Since it is a fully electric vehicle, it does not need any engine so already it become very-quite cabin but after this Ola has installed the Active Noise Cancellation in order to make the surrounding noise not enter the cabin and make the cabin quietest whether in the Air or on the Road.

 Sensors Used

In order to make it a fully Autonomous Vehicle Ola has used a lot more advanced Sensors in order to avoid birds, Air planes and other flying objects in the air and Humans, Animals and other things on the roads, Actuators, Complex Algorithms and Machine learning to map and navigate tera firm and the sky, The Ola Pro Air AI is known to be the best friend of driver.

Talking of AI- Artificial Intelligence in some detail, it uses the advanced Ai and Quantum computing to assess, analyze, and assimilate the human behavior, Ola Air Pro AI runs the vehicle on Perpetual autopilot mode 

Also it uses VTOL – Vertically Take off and Landing it will help it landing wherever it wants and also helps in take off where the passenger of the vehicle will wish.

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Ola Air Pro need not to stop in the crowded streets of cities and search for parking but instead of that it will be parked in the air. There is a wide network foldable hexagonal pads installed on the roof tops of many cities whether big or small of India, and that is the place where it is going to be parked giving it the unparalleled parking access.

Parking Pads for Air Pro

Main features

  • Top Speed – 350 kmph in air and 200 kmph on the road
  • Fully Electric and need not to be charged again
  • Unlimited Range
  • 333 kg Kerb weight of the car
  • 10,000 feet max flight
  • VTOL- Vertical Take Of and Landing

here is the video that company has tweeted

CREDIT – OLA Electric (Tweeter)

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